EVE is a wonderful facility...well run and very clean.  Laura and Jake have done an amazing job making it a comfortable and welcoming place to go and ride.  Laura's teaching technique is very organic...working towards keeping the horse and rider in tune with each other in the most natural way.
- Kelly L.

Horseback Riding Lessons and Coaching Services

Eagle Valley offers English style riding lessons in both the hunter/jumper and dressage disciplines.  Laura, a certified competition coach with Equine Canada and the Ontario Equestrian Federation is happy to teach students of all ages (6+) and abilities. 

We use safe and sound horses for our lesson program, each with a unique and lovable personality.

Laura believes in a positive and fun approach to teaching, stressing positive feedback and a real understanding of how our equine mounts move and think.

There are lots of reasons to learn how to ride horses:

  •     Confidence and self esteem building
  •     Physical fitness
  •     Skill building
  •     For the love of the horse
  •     FUN, FUN, FUN!

Each lesson starts on the ground with horse handling, grooming and tacking up the horse.  Correct horse handling skills, grooming and an understanding of horse equipment and tack is taught to each student, with them becoming more independent in these tasks as their skill level progresses.

Each horse and rider combination is different, with each lesson a unique learning opportunity.  As such, some lessons may go a little longer than the ‘official time allotted’.  Laura schedules lessons to leave room in the schedule to be able to spend a little extra time when needed without interfering any other lessons that may be scheduled.

Including HST
Private Lesson (single)
Private Lesson (package of 4)
        Save $61.60!

Riders are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes before their scheduled lesson time in order to groom and tack up their horse for the lesson.

What to wear?
All students are required to have a properly fitted ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet, hard soled shoes with at least a ½ inch heel and comfortable long pants or riding breeches.  Other than that,  we are not so fashion conscious here! 

We’ve found our ‘forever’ coach! Alyssa has 7 years of riding experience and has worked with several very experienced coaches in Florida.  Both she and I were blown away with Laura’s knowledge, patience and natural coaching abilities. In just a few lessons Alyssa skills have improved noticeably.  Laura knows how to connect with her students with positive feedback.  Alyssa’s smile when she is riding, even when working through a difficult spot, is a true testament to Laura’s ability to coach.  We are looking forward to continuing to learn from Laura.      

                  -  Danielle T.

Laura and Alyssa

Brandon and Oscar